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Fachwissen Tolerances for the machining of PTFE-parts
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Technical Brochure 06 Tolerances for the machining of PTFE-parts

Stand: January 2014


The fully fluorinated polymer PTFE is the most widely used fluoropolymer and based on its unique properties is established as an undispensible construction material in modern industries.
The main extraordinary properties of PTFE are resistance to most chemicals, a broad service temperature range, the excellent electrical properties, resistance to embrittlement, ageing resistance and very high purity.
This technical brochure provides information about the tolerances for the machining of PTFE parts, which are essential for high quality PTFE products.
This brochure replaces and in parts respectively augments the brochure „quality requirements, test guidelines and tolerances“ for PTFE products edited in 1993 by the „Gesamtverband Kunststoffverarbeitende Produkte” (GKV).


1. PTFE-turned parts
1.1 Area of application
1.2 Selection of tolerances
1.3 Admissable deviance for the length
2. PTFE-milled parts
2.1 Area of application
2.2 Selection of tolerances
3. PTFE-Stamped parts
3.1 Area of application
3.2 Selection of tolerances
3.3 Admissable deviance for the thickness
4. Admissable tolerances for the deviances of dimensions of PTFE rotation symmetrical parts made
by chipping
4.1 Diameter and length
4.2 Radius and slope
4.3 Angular dimension
4.4 Deviances from the shape
5. Surfac quality
5.1 Test method
5.2 Requirements
6. Measurement equipment and – methods for the surface testing

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