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Fachwissen Recycling of Fluoropolymers
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Technical brochure 10 Recycling of Fluoropolymers

Stand: May 2018


The fully fluorinated polymer PTFE is the most widely used fluoropolymer and based on its unique properties established as an undispensible construction material in modern industries.
The main extraordinary properties of PTFE are resistance to most chemicals, a broad service temperature range, the excellent electrical properties, resistance to embrittlement, ageing resistance and very high purity.
Whereas for pure PTFE established recycling processes exist, many processors of PTFE compounds have to dispose their processing waste at high costs, mostly via waste dumps.
For pure fully fluorinated fluorothermoplastics there are also efficient recycling processes established. However pigmented or electrically conductive fluorothermoplastics must also be disposed at high costs.
Starting with fully fluorinated polymers a method has been implemented for chemical recycling in industrial scale.
This brochure informs about the different possibilities and processes to recycle fluoropolymers.


1. Introduction
2. Legal requirements
3. Recovery of PTFE and fluorothermoplastics
3.1 Primary recycling
3.2 Secondary recycling
3.3 Tertiary recycling = so called Up-Cycling
4. Recycling of fluorothermoplastics
5. Storage and transport packaging
7. Appendix
7.1 Companies that provide recycling of PTFE-products
7.2 Companies that provide Up-Cycling of PTFE and selected PTFE compounds as well as fluorothermoplastics
7.3 Caloric values of fluoropolymers
8. Glossary

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